Friday, January 2, 2009

Pools of 2009

Like the years past, my year started with fireworks and muchomo of all kinds...

We slept till ungodly hours, I got such a wonderful shock when i got up. UMEME had passed by. Yeah, no power, no tv, no movies, just silence...defeaning silence...Lunch was a small family event, we never sit at the table together never..It's almost like an unspoken rule, but we did just that yesterday. It was a nice meal...Getting to spill about school, teacher with no know the normal stuff.

Soon as lunch was done, we were walking to our room..thats when i heard it,

"Drip Drip"

We opened the door and lo and behold the Red Sea had made it's way to my bathroom/toilet...I just couldn't belive my eyes, worse still the tub was totally empty and i couldn't locate the source of the mini pond. I tell my sister to rally the forces and close the main tap. Then thats when i heard the voice:

"Look at me mummy...Am swimming!!!"

I could hardly belive it, My kettle was looking at me with such innocence... After drying and setting Kettie on a High-Dry Table, i rushed back to the banksto assess the situation. I had one of those 'light bulb' moments, i took a physics class not too long ago...It looked like a leaky pipe, so i did the math in my head and reasoned it out. My brain then sent the a message to my hand and thats when i gripped the pipe to push it back in: BIG MISTAKE!!!

It spewd out with such intent ferosity, I was momentarily stunned and drained ofcourse!! I had to quickly attempt to put it back, the next Einstein decided to attack it using buvera (Polythene bags), will another climbed to turn the tap in every direction.

Soon as the it stopped running...The mops were pulled out, so being the extremly hard worker that i am, i went to work..wringing and mopping, wringing and mopping, wringing and mopping!! But all my work seemed to be in vain because there was no evidence od water reduction!! Then there was this discrete giggle behind me...

"Page, that bucket is cracked at the bottom"

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I can see the clouds gathering...
Nimbus am told....
Trouble on the horizon..
Suddenly the new year isn't something i'm looking forward to...

My Death Trap

I dont even know why i care anymore.
Its a death trap, everyone knows it.
Everyone can see it..
I keep telling myself suck it up and move on...
But it doesn't work... None of it works!!
I keep moving to a happy place,
I keep turning my new leaf, but its never the same.
How many times will i do this to myself...
I've trapped myself...
& I don't even know why anymore...

Doing your part...

What is your part?
What are you called to do?
How do you know you are called to do it?
Do you even know what is it?
Do you pray about it?
What do you pray?
What fuels your faith?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Love and it zibs

This blog started out as i was posting a comment on Bragi's post.

A great speaker of our time once said, 'Successful dating isn't one that ends in marriage but rather one that ends, when two people have come to the understanding that they are not compatible, part ways yet still remain friends'

I think dating is not just about going out with another individual but about the attitude we have when we start dating.

Is it:
1. Shucks! Lemme just try it out.
2. Everyone is doing it, seems am being left behind.
3. I love this person and I see myself with her/him 20 years down the road.
4. It might me fun, watched it on One Tree Hill & Gossip Girl and it looked like fun.

What menality do you go with into a relationship?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Blogger Spirit

So today i remembered i already had two existing blogs with blogger..
But i couldn't remember my login information!!
How crappy is that...
So i just decided to settle for a new one....